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The COVID-19 pandemic left a tremendous mark on our world as it spread across our lands, and believe it or not, there are plenty of COVID-19 children’s stories out in the market right now.

Dora Przybylek, author of “Luisita and COVID-19,” one of the many COVID-19 children story books people can get, has helped spread awareness with her book. The book tells the story of Luisita and how she first hears about COVID-19 on TV. She learns more about COVID-19 and how to stop it from spreading.

With that in mind, let’s examine some short stories that explain what COVID-19 is to children.

“Dave the Dog is Worried About Coronavirus” by Nurse Dotty

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“Dave the Dog is Worried About Coronavirus” by Nurse Dotty is a children’s book about the coronavirus that attempts to provide knowledge without instilling fear.

It can be a very frightening time for kids with all that is happening right now, including significant changes to children’s routines and many news articles.

This book starts a discussion about the coronavirus and some of the misconceptions kids may have about it while also giving them accurate facts in a comforting and kid-friendly way.

Read the story here: Dave the Dog Is Worried About Coronavirus

“I’d Rather Go Out!” by Deborah Woods

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“I’d Rather Go Out!” is a story by Deborah Woods highlighting how people can use imagination to deal with stress and challenging times. Knowing how the brain processes imagination and how it affects our emotions can suggest a new course of action. With some assistance, we can use our active imagination to feel happy about our daily lives.

Read the story here: I’d Rather Go Out!

“Luisita and COVID-19” by Dora Przybylek

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In “Luisita and COVID-19”, Luisita initially encounters COVID-19 on television. She bombards her mother with queries, as she usually does. Luisita gains knowledge about the illness and how to stay well. While she misses traveling to the park and visiting her friends, she enjoys spending time with her family at home.

When it comes to COVID-19 children’s stories, “Luisita and COVID-19” by Dora Przybylek delivers a compelling tale that is both fun and informational. Of the many COVID-19 children story books on the market today, “Luisita and COVID-19” takes a comprehensive view.

Parents and readers can gain valuable insight from this children’s story explaining COVID-19.

Purchase the book here: Luisita and COVID-19

“Caroline Conquers Her Corona Fears” by Krystal Vaughn, Erin Dugan, and Kellie Camelford

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The questions that young children may have about Covid-19 and the reasons why their daily routines fluctuate so much are addressed in this short narrative. A straightforward explanation of each is provided to make safety precautions and social distance easier to understand for young children.

Overall, the tale is enlightening, upbeat, simple to read, and a terrific tool for children to help them ease their apprehension and bewilderment. The book contains a page for parents and kids to create a simple schedule. It can be used as an educational resource and a coloring book when printed.

Read the story here: Caroline Conquers Her Corona Fears

“Hello! My Name is Corona Virus” by Manuela Molina

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Manuel Molina produced this brief book to reassure and support his younger children regarding COVID-19. The author wants the readers to treat the book as an invitation that enables families to talk about the emotions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. It is crucial to note that this story does not aim to be a repository of scientific knowledge but rather a fantasy-based tool.

Read the story here: Hello! My Name is Corona Virus

“Coronavirus: A Book for Children” by Elizabeth Jenner, Kate Wilson, and Nia Roberts

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What exactly is the coronavirus, and for what reason is it a hot topic right now?

With engaging illustrations by Axel Scheffler, this easy and topical book provides answers to these and other issues. It gives clear and understandable explanations of COVID-19 and its impact on kids ages 5 to 10 and their parents.

This is a valuable and educational tool to assist in explaining the changes we are all going through, with suggestions from specialist consultant Professor Graham Medley of the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine and counsel from educators and child psychologists.

Read the story here: Coronavirus: A Book for Children

Enjoy Fantastic COVID-19 Children’s Stories Whenever You Can

Now that you have a list of COVID-19 children story books you and your young one can read, you can now explain what COVID-19 is in a fun way. “Luisita and COVID-19,” and the other stories listed here, offer informative and enjoyable narratives children can partake in.

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